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health prevention

health prevention

To ensure the smooth running of your arrival, we have taken simple but rigorous measures. We may modify them to ensure you an optimal level of comfort and security as and when the specifications and directives we receive from the health authorities are received.

Before your arrival :

• To limit contact, we use a 100% contactless check-in procedure. As far as possible, we ask that all payments be made at the latest one week before your arrival, so that you can get to your rental or pitch in a simple and safe way. Payments by credit card over the phone, check or bank transfer.

• We ask you to book as much as possible online.

• If you have symptoms of Covid-19 disease, we ask that you contact us to postpone the reservation.

Upon your arrival :

• Access to the mobile home: from 4 p.m. only. To our great regret, we cannot offer arrival before this time.

• When you arrive, present yourself alone at reception and take your pen. Your key will be ready and your reception formalities even faster!

• The deposit: we recommend using the credit card. We only take the imprint of the card. We do not charge the deposit and the numbers are deleted when you leave.

• Use the hygiene devices available to you (hydroalcoholic gel).

• People staying in one and the same Mobile Home must respect the directives in place.

• Our staff keep a distance of 1 meter at all times with you, we ask you to do the same so that everyone can have a pleasant and safe stay.

• The method of payment by bank card (preferably contactless) is preferred.

On site at the campsite:

• We adapt the routes and traffic directions in our infrastructure, so that you can keep a sufficient distance from other hosts.

• Swimming pool and sanitary facilities: hydroalcoholic gel is available in front of the entrances.

• Although the reception is open, we ask that you contact us by telephone as much as possible.

• If you come to the reception, we ask you to come alone.

During your stay in our accommodation:

Our accommodations remain identical to what you usually know. The following measures apply to our rentals, and will be disinfected between each stay:

• Disinfection for frequent contact points (ex: door and window handles, remote controls, fittings, sanitary ...)

• Extended ventilation between each stay and reinforced cleaning and use of a disinfectant spray after each departure,

• Provision of a disposable draw sheet kit,

• All persons working in your mobile home will wear a mask, appropriate equipment, use hydroalcoholic gel before entering and will intervene when no one else is in the accommodation.

• It will not be possible to welcome visitors during your stay.

• We make sure that all the information concerning our security measures is available throughout the campsite.

In collective toilets:

• Complete cleaning is carried out at least twice a day by maintenance agents.

• Frequent contact points will be disinfected with a virucidal and bactericidal product.

• When you enter, use the hydroalcoholic gel available to you,

• Avoid touching walls and walls,

• As much as possible, favor the hours of low attendance,

In swimming pools:

• When you enter, use the hydroalcoholic gel available to you,

• Respect the entry instructions given by the supervisory staff,

• Keep your distance around the pools, when swimming,

• Frequent contact points will be disinfected with a virucidal and bactericidal product.

On the playgrounds:

• We remind you that these areas are reserved for children and are the responsibility of the parents,

• Use the hydroalcoholic gel available to wash your hands and those of children,

• Make sure to maintain a reasonable distance,

• Wearing a mask is recommended for children over 6 years of age.

Your departure :

• Departure from the mobile home: no later than 10am. To facilitate the disinfection of mobile homes.

• Leave the windows open.

• Put the disposable pads in the trash.

• The rented linen kits must be made dry, and placed on the terraces in a garbage bag.

• Rented baby packs must be left unfolded on the terrace.

The keys must be handed over to reception.

• Inventory: our team will do this after your departure and your deposit will be canceled or returned by post.

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